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Free your environmental thinking for a better clean world

Welcome to ETS International

We are providing solutions for cleaning and corrosion problems. Our high-tech products represent the latest development in cleaning products, corrosion prevention and derusting as well as different industrial cleaning, packaging technologies, equipments and services. 

ETS-products are environmental friendly, safe for the application and safe for the worker. ETS-products can replace dangerous and toxic products like solvents, trekolene, acetone, acid, alcohol, trichlarothane 111, spirits, paraffine, caustic soda, citric acid, tolune, petrochemicals, etc... 

Our products meet the most stringent US and European regulations for solvent free cleaning processes. ETS-Products are comformed and approved by NATO (NSN), Airbus, Mc Douglas Aircrafts , Boeing, Eurocopter, AMS ,Mil-PRFs, REACH, from various international labs and organisations for standards and norms.

ETS-products can be used throughout a broad range of industries as oil & gas, military, aircraft, automotive & container, paints, food, recreation, water treatment,pharmaceutical, chemicals, costructions, textile, paper, marine and shipping, offshore, rail-road transport, manufacturing , household, pvc-leather, plastic-rubber, metals,workshop, maintenance industries and more.

ETS offers also own label business on request, to serve the environment more effectively.

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Ets International Pakistan Aviation Division
has professionally cleaned and disinfected 32 Cattel Containers and decks of National Air Boeing 747-400 landed from Amsterdam at Sialkot International Airport Limited, Sialkot, Pakistan. more...

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Free your environmental thinking for a better clean world

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